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Children's Book Illustration:
  • Full Colour Readers

  • Full Colour Text Book Artwork

  • Grayscale Text Book Artwork

  • Black & White Linear Artwork

  • Trade Book Artwork

  • Book Covers

  • Picture Book Art

  • Black & White Colouring-in Books


Other Artwork Commissions:
  • Design of Wedding Invites *

  • Family Portraits *

  • Poster Design for Events & Educational Purposes

  • Character Design for Film / Animation

  • Art Therapy Colouring-in Books for Adults

Brand & Package Design (NEW):
  • Logo Design *

  • Labels / Package design

  • Repeat Pattern Design

  • Branding

  • Design of Product Range

  • Greeting Cards

  • Business cards *


Corporate Social Investment:
  • Educational Booklets & Posters


*Note: Although we aspire to please our clients, we also believe in being true to ourselves.  Hence, please take note of our style when commissioning artwork.  You are welcome to point out one of our artworks as a style guide :D

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