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Brand Licensing & Package Design:

Branding for Organic Produce
(labels & packaging)

It has recently been proven that people who eat organic produce, have 90% less pesticides in their bloodstream.  


In case you have not noticed, we feel quite passionate about promoting healthy living.  Who says healthy food can't look good?


This is where we come into the picture...literally.  

Raw Chocolate

We LOVE chocolate!  Dark, organic chocolate.  In fact it's one of the key ingredients that fuels a beautiful artwork.


We were fortunate enough to design a series of chocolate wrappers for two clients in the US and Canada.


We felt so inspired that we even made up our very own chocolate making kit, which included an illustrated instruction manual.


Time for Tea
(Brand Licensing)

in 2014 we visited the Brand Licensing Fair in London.


Since we so enjoy making things pretty, we felt inspired to broaden our horizon once again.


We are currently designing a range of artwork which can be printed onto teacups, fabric, greeting cards, gift wrap and clothing.





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