Children's book illustration

We are a design studio specialising in illustrations for children. Most of our work is used in Brand Lisensing, Children's Books, Educational Textbooks, Readers and book covers. We also have a few of our own picture books in the making. The style of our illustrations vary depending on each project's specific requirements. Contact us for more info. Our studios are based in beautiful Stellenbosch, South Africa, yet we deliver projects for audiences worldwide from the UK to China.

Besides the thousands of one-off illustrations we've completed over the past 10 years, we've also worked on over 300 titles of learner books, teacher guides, readers and posters for local and international publishers including Heinemann, Pearson, Vivlia, Nasou Via Africa, Umnotho, MML, IO Publishing, and Macmillan.

Have a look at some of our artwork below, or check out the full portfolio here